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The WAVE FD260 C

Perfectly cure cannabis and hemp in as little as 24 hrs

The weekslong drying and curing process can leave your flower susceptible to degradation and mold. Even the most tightly- controlled environments cannot completely prevent these devastating issues.

Cryo Cure’s cannabis and hemp curing machines utilize patent pending freeze drying technology to remove the desired amount of moisture from flower or trim, eliminating many of the risks faced by cultivators and processors. The results are perfectly preserved flowers with no shrinkage, intensified color and flavor, and stabilized THC, terpenes and trichomes – in just a day!

Advantages of freeze-drying with the FD260 CMore and more producers are opting for this new method of drying
1More aromaFreeze-dried flowers contain more THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC & Terpenes than any other drying method.
2Lush greenGet the rich green that your flowers had at harvest. Gain shades of purple and blue that are usually lost during normal drying.
3More volumeThe freeze-dried flowers have up to 70% more volume than conventionally dried flowers.4Faster dryingInstead of 10 to 15 days drying time, freeze-drying takes only 12 to 16 hours, thus shortening the production cycle as well as the space requirement enormously.
5Fewer failures
Especially during the drying process problems often occur, especially the infestation with mold often leads to costly production downtimes.6Consistent quality
Achieve consistent, reliable results while automating the drying and curing process.7Higher priceEnables a higher retail price and direct market benefits compared to traditional practices.

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