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The FD260 consumes 1.5kW/h, the FD400 consumes 2.2kW/h, the FD440 consumes 2.3kW/h, the SL770 5,3kW/h and the SL990 7kW/h, the IC550 6.8KW/h, the IC570 9.8 kW/h.  The length of the cycle depends on the volume and the density of the material, as well as the end temperature of the material you allow for.

Everything you need comes with the machine, the vacuum pump, vacuum oil if you have a vacuum pump. On your side you need to have the correct power connection, we can build the machines power connection to your needs, depending on your countries and your facilities requirements.

The ice capacity is a good parameter for this, the FD260 has an extraction capacity of 25kg, meaning this machine can extract 25kg of water from the material. If you have a not very voluminous product with a high density like strawberries, you can fit up to 25-30kg of fresh material into the machine. If you have very voluminous product like CBD you can fit around 12kg into the FD260 machine.

FD260: 25kg

FD400: 50kg

FD440: 60kg

SL770: 150kg

SL990: 250kg

IC550: 250kg

IC570: 350kg

This depends on a lot of factors, for example the material you are freezedrying (density, volume, size), the ambient temperature, the end-temperature you allow in the freezedrying programm, the wished quality of the product. We do have customers who freezedry CBD for example in 12 hours, others in 30-35 hours. Strawberries, if sliced, need around 35 hours for a perfect result. If you have whole strawberries, this takes longer. Algea needs around 8-24 hours.

It takes some time and experimentation to create the most fitting receipe for your material, with the help of the statistics you can see where you can see which stages you can shorten. As well with the end temperature, if it is 40°C, or 35°C or even 30°C you can experiment, the cut of the material, or the pulverization has as well an influence.

We can conduct, previous to your purchase of the machine, a simple test here in our factory in Vienna with your material if you send us some, however please not that this is just a baseline for a duration since a lot of factors can be optimized.

After the finished cycle (cooling system and vacuum pump are off) you open the machine and pack the material vacuum tight. When the material is outside the chamber you can start the defrost by clicking the defrost button, or the HGBV function if you have this on your machine (then the cooling system needs to ne on as well). After around 30 minutes you can then, with your hands in gloves, take out the big ice plates from the side of the vacuum chamber. If you want to wait until ice is melted and drained, you must calculate a few hours, depending how much ice has built up during the freezedrying.

SL770, SL990, IC550 and IC570 do not deicing time, they deice during the freeze drying process.

The machine is built in Vienna, Austria. The metal parts come from Shanghai since in Europe there is not the needed tool for the vacuum chamber available. When the metal chassis arrives, the machine and the control are built in our factory in Vienna.

We ship machines worldwide, in regions where is it not possible for our technical personnel to enter the country due to restrictions we are available for video call help/instructions.
The electricity needs of different countries can be met, just let us know what Voltage/Hz you would require upfront.

In most cases, if customers do have questions, messages via Whatsapp or a videocall can solve them. After maximum 8 hours we will answer your request. In the seldom case of having a problem caused by the machines production, and if not solvable via video call help, we will send technicians to you to fix the machine.

1 year is the guarantee on the machine, if anything needs repair due to a production issue from our side, we will fix it. The 2nd year there is a warranty on working parts like the compressor, relais etc., but not on wear parts.

There are no moving parts, therefore there are not many points of failure. Relays in the SPS (control of the machine) might break after a few years. Together with the freezedryer we will send you replacement for these, they can be easily switched by yourself (if needed with videohelp from us).

Next to the machine price there are the electricity costs, question 1) answers how many kw/h you have for one cycle. Then there is the vacuum oil, if you do not have an oil-free pump. It costs for one machine around 40 EUR per month.

Wash the vacuum chamber as well as the loading unit and trays very well (preferably with an alcohol solution) with a cloth, especially when materials are changed, for example from meat to strawberries. Otherwise, we recommend washing the trays after every second cycle.

The compressor should be checked every 2 to 3 years by a heating specialist.

The vacuum pump needs a seal change every 1-3 years, depending on the materials you freeze dry. Either the customer does it himself, it is not so difficult, or we can find a specialist near the customer.

If a high vacuum is no longer achieved, this could indicate damage to the vacuum chamber, which would then have to be inspected for cracks.

Depending on your material and on your preference, you can choose to buy an upgrade for a scroll pump. In some cases, scroll pumps, which are more expensive, are whished since no oil change is needed, they are therefore cleaner, and not as loud as oil pumps. (But for CBD we do always recommend oil pumps).

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